Fully Funded Employee Energy Advice

The process

Step 1

Arrange a free consultation

We’ll discuss the process with you in detail, and learn more about your objectives and how our energy advice service will assist both your organisation and your employees. We will talk through your wider employee wellbeing plans, CSR objectives, timelines, number of employees and advise how we can structure the service to offer most value.

Step 2

Organise and deliver your employee energy advice 

Once we’ve agreed the process, our energy advisors will organise short, time allocated sessions or larger group workshops, delivered within the workplace at a time to suit. We offer flexibility to times and group sizes to suit both the employer and employee. Our advice service is focused on energy saving advice and tips, and include both energy advice for at home and at work. Each employee will receive takeaway information on how to put energy saving tips into practise.

Step 3

Offer guidance to employees that live in homes with an EPC of D or below

For any employee living in a property with an Energy Performance Certificate of D or below, we can conduct a quick desktop assessment of their property to check their current energy performance and determine potential eligibility for energy saving measures. We can guide employees through an energy action plan to see what energy measures they may be eligible to receive funding for.

Step 4

Refer to home energy assessors

For employees who feel they would benefit from a home energy assessment, we can direct employees to local third party providers of Home Energy Assessments. These assessments are conducted at the employees home, and can be arranged at a time outside of working hours. They usually take approximately 2 hours to complete, and the result will be a detailed assessment of which energy measures the employees home is suitable for. Our advisors will then source and guide the employee on the maximum grants available, and guide them through their journey to installing energy saving measures.


The benefits to employers

Cost Savings

Energy advice services educate employees about effective ways to reduce energy consumption and lower utility bills.
By implementing energy saving practices at home and in the workplace, employees can save money on their energy bills, leading to increased financial wellbeing. Employers can also benefit from a heightened awareness of how to reduce energy costs within the workplace, contributing to overall operational cost savings.

We offer a reporting service where we will provide a summary on the number of employees who have followed through with the service, including potential cost savings, energy action plans created, energy measures installed.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Does your organisation have CSR responsibilities?

An energy advice service aligns with an organisation’s corporate social responsibility (CSR) objectives. By actively promoting energy efficiency, employers demonstrate their commitment to sustainable practices, social responsibility, and environmental stewardship. This can enhance the company’s reputation, attract environmentally conscious talent, and positively impact public perception.

Additionally, if you are working towards ISO 14001, you can demonstrate best practise by demonstrating investment in your employee’s physical, mental and financial wellbeing for the long term future.

Environmental Impact - Corporate Carbon Accounting

By promoting energy-efficient practices, employers can contribute to reducing carbon emissions and positively impact the environment. Our energy advice service educates employees about the importance of energy conservation and provides guidance on adopting sustainable habits both at work and in their personal lives. This creates a culture of environmental responsibility and contributes to a greener future.

What’s more, the education and savings generated through this initiative both in and out of work can be attributed to the companies carbon account and used in carbon offsetting.

Employee Wellbeing

There’s a big connection between a healthy living environment and personal wellbeing. By implementing energy-saving measures, employees can create more comfortable home and work spaces, and reduce the overall environmental impact.

Employers benefit from reduced energy costs, increased employee engagement, and improved corporate social responsibility. By supporting and developing a culture of energy consciousness, employers and employees work together to create a more sustainable and responsible future.

Customised Recommendations

Our Energy advice service provides personalised recommendations tailored to the specific needs of employees and the workplace. This could include suggestions for energy-efficient equipment, optimising heating systems, managing lighting, and adopting smart energy solutions. By offering recommendations, employees can make practical changes that save money and play a part in helping the UK to achieve our Net Zero goals.

Employee Engagement

Offering an energy advice service demonstrates that employers care about the wellbeing of their employees beyond their work responsibilities. Employees appreciate employers who prioritise their overall quality of life. This service can enhance employee engagement, satisfaction, and loyalty by providing tangible support and resources for energy-related concerns.


Education and Awareness

Our energy advice service provides valuable information and resources on energy-efficient technologies, renewable energy sources and government incentives or grants. This education empowers employees with the knowledge to make informed decisions about their energy usage, allowing them to implement changes that benefit their family and home life. Increased awareness about energy conservation can also influence behaviour change, both at work and in employees’ personal lives.

The benefits to employees

Helping with the cost of living and fuel poverty

National Energy Action has calculated that up to 8.4 million UK homes are living in fuel poverty. With mortgage rates increasing and the cost of living crisis hitting most homes across the country, now is the time to offer any help and advice we can to ease the burden of increasing bills. By accessing advice and funding, employees can install energy saving measures to their homes, resulting in lower fuel bills and warmer, cosier homes.

Wider employee family benefits

Cold and draughty homes affect the whole family. Many families are fearful of turning the heating on or using excessive electricity. By educating your employees, we are also educating their families on how best to save energy at home. This may lead to change in their energy usage behaviour and increase the uptake of grants available to make homes more energy efficient.

Warm, safe and comfortable homes

Many employees look forward to the end of day, where they can return home to relax and unwind. Those suffering from fuel poverty may not have a comfortable, warm environment to return to. By helping employees access grants and energy saving measures, you’re helping to improve their attitude towards their home, particularly during winter time when they want to return to a warm home and hot shower. This can also lead to a reduction in sickness absences that can be caused by cold and draughty living spaces. 

Energy awareness

By equipping employees with knowledge and empowering them to take action, employers create a culture of energy awareness that extends beyond the workplace and into employee’s daily lives. Energy awareness in the workplace has never been more important; energy saving initiatives in the workplace are on the rise, and more and more businesses are incorporating ESG training into their operations.

Climate responsible

We all have a responsibility to positively effect climate change. Educating your employees on the devastating effect of climate change and how adopting good energy habits in their lives can have a huge positive impact on the environment, helps us collectively tackle global warming.

Health benefits

Cold and draughty homes are proven to cause bronchial issues, particularly amongst children. Uninsulated homes often suffer from damp and mould, which pose severe health threats to occupants. By installing energy saving measures, many homes will see a dramatic improvement in air quality, breathability and comfort.

Who is eligible for fully funded employee energy advice?

1. Any Midlands based business of any size

2. This service is fully funded in partnership with Midlands Net Zero Hub & The Department for Energy Security & Net Zero

3. Businesses who have a high level of national minimum wage employees

4. “Take away” energy advice packs included

Simply contact us to discuss further.

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How is the training delivered?

We have multiple delivery options depending on the type of business and employee rotas. We can deliver pre-scheduled workshops throughout the day, or be present in canteens or employee areas with our pop up energy station, to chat to your employees during break times or after work.

What can I expect from employee energy advice?

The RES employee energy advice workshops are fun and engaging sessions that empower employees to save energy in the workplace and save money on their household bills at the same time. We can provide a structured and tailored workshop plan for your business, or take a more fluid approach where our energy advisors are on hand throughout the day.

What happens after the advice has been provided?

Once we have delivered energy advice to your employees, we can arrange one to one calls to offer bespoke assistance. This includes discussing their current EPC ratings, checking on their eligibility for funding schemes, or providing further advice on energy savings specific to their home. We can provide these short sessions in-person within the workplace, or over the phone or zoom at a time to suit both the employer and employee.

Do I need a minimum number of employees?

We are happy to offer our energy advice service to businesses of all sizes and can tailor our workshops accordingly, however our workshops require a minimum number of 20 employees.

Do you operate out of traditional working hours?

We are happy to discuss bespoke times and schedules to suit your employee’s working hours.

Is there energy measure funding for employees who live in social housing?

Employees living in social housing should also be eligible for funded energy saving measures through their housing association or local authority. We can act on behalf of employees who live in social housing, by liaising with their housing providers to confirm home improvement projects in their area.

Does energy advice apply to private renting employees?

Yes. Private rented homes are also eligible for funding so the same process will apply, with the added service of liaising with their landlord.

Do your sessions apply to employees living in new builds or existing energy-efficient homes?

Our energy advice services are applicable to all as we discuss energy saving tips that apply to both the workplace and at home. We would therefore encourage all employees to attend any pre-arranged sessions. It may be that if their own home doesn’t qualify for upgrades, they may wish to share the information they receive with their family, friends and wider community.

If employees are eligible and interested, how do they proceed to install?

Once an independent home energy assessment has been completed, we can assist in recommending an accredited local installer via our approved installer network.

Still have questions?

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