In order to follow the regulatory framework that controls the quality of retrofit installation named PAS 2035, every home retrofit job will need to be managed and overseen by an approved and independent Retrofit Coordinator. 

A Retrofit Coordinator is in charge of overseeing the assessment of your property plus the specification, monitoring and evaluation of the installation.

Residential Energy Services have a network of independent coordinators that operate closely with us. They are independently in charge of your project from the beginning to the end. Their primary role is to make sure that your project is well-managed from beginning to end and that the project as a whole is completed successfully.

As part of the PAS 2035 process, Retrofit Coordinators are asked to do the following things:

Communicate with the customer to agree on the project plan and ensure what is recommended meets the customer’s needs.

Compile a full risk and health and safety assessment at the property

Create a plan for future improvements that may be required over the next thirty years

Manage all the documentation required to record the project’s progress, including any information provided by owners, the grant provider, Trustmark and any other partners involved in the install.

Heritage Impact Assessment (where applicable)

An overview of each recommended energy measure

The PAS 2035 Process Map

The Retrofit Coordinator contributes to the following 6 steps throughout the PAS 2035 process.


retrofit coordinator & retrofit assessment process diagram, with pas2030

The Roles of PAS 2035

PAS 2035 introduces six distinct roles and outlines the responsibilities of each role as determined by the assessed level of project risk.

PAS 2035 Roles

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