ECO4 is a government scheme designed to support the improvement of energy efficiency in low-income homes and is open for applications.

ECO4 is the fourth stage of the government’s Energy Company Obligation and was launched in April 2022. Those on qualifying benefits can apply to receive whole house retrofit support, funded by their energy suppliers.

The main objective of ECO 4 is to improve the least energy efficient housing stock occupied by low income and vulnerable households. 

You could be eligible for support from the ECO 4 Scheme, which will help you to reduce your fuel bills & make your home energy efficient.

What is the ECO4 grant scheme?

What types of energy-saving measures can an ECO 4 grant include?

ECO 4 home improvements may include, but are not limited to:

ECO 4 is a whole house retrofit approach and will likely deliver a combination of the above measures.

What are the benefits of receiving an ECO 4 grant?

The ECO4 scheme is a great way to save money on your energy bills and make your home more comfortable and cheaper to heat. The scheme also offers additional benefits such as:

  • Improving the value of your property
  • Making your home more energy efficient and eco-friendly
  • Reducing your carbon footprint
  • Helping to protect the environment.

If eligible, ECO 4 energy saving grants are very generous and can cover up to 100% of the costs of your energy efficiency improvements.

Who pays for the ECO 4 scheme?

Energy efficiency improvement measures such as those listed above are funded by energy companies through the ECO4 scheme. It is the responsibility of the energy company to determine what improvements are required and how much funding is to be allocated.

It is up to the energy supplier to determine how much ECO 4 funding is to be allocated to your home energy efficiency needs; they may recommend additional measures to help improve your home at some additional cost.

How do I find out if I am eligible for ECO 4?

Please refer to our ECO Scheme Eligibility page to check if you are eligible for a ECO4 funding.

To be eligible for ECO 4, you must meet certain requirements, mostly related to certain benefits.

Income based Jobseekers allowance (JSA)

Income related Employment & Support allowance (ESA)

Income Support (IS)

Working Tax Credits (WTC)

Pension Credit Guarantee

Child Tax Credits (CTC)

Universal Credit (UC)

Housing Benefit

Pension Credit Savings

Child Benefit (CB)*

*Applicants claiming Child Benefits (CB), must fall on or below the income cap shown below:

CB Income Cap

1 Child

2 Children

3 Children

4 Children


£19, 900

£24, 800

£29, 600

£34, 500


£27, 500

£32, 300

£37, 200

£42, 000

Applicants on benefits seeking funding must submit supporting documents, based on their property tenure. For homeowners, evidence includes a recent council tax or utility bill, Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) or EPR certificate, property ownership proof like Land Registry details, and a data declaration form. Renters should provide a recent council tax or utility bill, EPC or EPR certificate, landlord permission, tenancy agreement or non-written agreement, Land Registry details, and a data declaration form.

You can learn more about your EPC rating here.


What if I’m not eligible?

Don’t worry, there’s still an opportunity to enquire about ECO funding and energy efficiency measures.

The ECO Flex scheme is available to residents who do not receive any of ECO4’s qualifying benefits but are still living in a low income household in fuel poverty.


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What is ECO 4?

ECO4 is the fourth phase of the government’s Energy Company Obligation scheme, designed to improve energy efficiency in residences, tackle fuel poverty and reduce carbon emissions, creating savings towards the cost of living. Energy companies are obliged to deliver energy efficiency measures to homes through a variety of recommended home improvements and upgrades.

Who qualifies for ECO 4?

The ECO 4 scheme is focused on the least energy-efficient housing stock in the UK. Low-income and vulnerable households will be prioritised in the rollout of energy efficiency improvements under the rules of this scheme. 

The scheme is specifically committed to low-income households that are currently receiving government-assisted benefits such as child tax credits, child benefits, housing benefits, pension benefits and jobseekers allowances. Click here to find out if you are eligible for the ECO scheme.

What are the rules of the ECO 4 scheme?

Only properties within tax bands D to G can be treated under the ECO 4 scheme. Those considered to be living in fuel poverty can reach out for ECO 4 support and receive energy efficiency upgrades to their home.

At Residential Energy Services we can help you to secure ECO4 and GBIS funding. Complete our short form to determine whether your home meets the rules of the ECO 4 scheme. 

Has ECO 4 started yet?

ECO4 is the fourth phase of the government’s Energy Company Obligation scheme. It began in April 2022 it will run until 31st March 2026.

Is the ECO4 scheme free?

As ECO4 is not a grant scheme, it is up to the energy companies themselves to determine the level of financial funding towards each energy efficiency improvement. While in many cases this support will result in free upgrades to homes, it may be recommended to implement additional home improvements at a small cost to the property owner.

What is ECO Flex?

ECO Flex grant funding is available to residents who do not receive any of ECO4’s qualifying benefits but are still living in a low income household in fuel poverty.

What is fuel poverty?

If a household is expected to spend more than 10% of its income towards heating systems, that household is considered to be fuel-poor. 

The aim of the Energy Company Obligation is to eliminate fuel poverty from UK homes.

How do I claim an ECO 4 grant?

The quickest and easiest way to determine your eligibility, gather the available options for your home and pursue energy companies to secure ECO4 support is to contact Residential Energy Services. 

To make the process even smoother, fill out this short form and we can check if you meet the eligibility criteria.

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