Grants are now available to insulate your park home, keeping it warm in winter and cool in summer.

Create a warm and cosy home with External Wall Insulation.

Save money on your bills and make your home look great.

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Benefits of Park Home Insulation

Save money on your fuel bills

Make your home warm in winter and cool in summer

Improve the appearance of your home

Increase the value of your home

Improve the energy rating of your home

Up to 25-year warranty, giving you peace of mind

Park homes built prior to 2005 are often poorly insulated with thin walls that allow valuable heat to escape easily.

By installing external wall insulation you will almost double the thickness of your walls, meaning less heat will escape and your home and your home will be robust and better protected.

Why you should consider insulation for your park home:

Tired of painting your home?

Keeping your home looking neat and tidy, often requires regular maintenance and painting. One of the many benefits of installing external wall insulation is that you will not need to paint the render so frequently. The top coat is very hard wearing and can be cleaned with a hose and soft brush instead of needing regular maintenance, meaning there’s less ongoing cost.

Want to save money on gas and electric?

By installing external wall insulation your home will maintain its warmth, meaning you won’t need to switch your heating on as much. One of the most significant benefits of installing external wall insulation to park homes is the amount you can save on energy bills.

Sleek and modern.

Many park homes have a rough, textured layer to the outside, which can easily catch dirt and look grubby and untidy over time. The top coat of external wall insulation ensures a smooth, clean finish, that won’t catch dirt and gives you home a clean, modern look.

Enjoy the peace and quiet.

In some areas, park homes are built closely together, meaning you may hear noise from your neighbours, or if located close to a road, you may frequently suffer from traffic noise. By installing external wall insulation this almost doubles the thickness of your walls, resulting in less noise pollution and a more peaceful living environment. 

Stay warm in winter and cool in summer.

External wall insulation is great at keeping heat within your warm during winter, however insulation also performs during summer, by keeping heat out and maintaining cooler interior temperatures.

Remove damp, mould and condensation.

Cold walls can create damp and condensation inside your home. This results in mould and an unhealthy air that can cause chest and bronchial issues. Externally insulating your home warms the walls and removes mould and damp.

Increase the value of your park home.

Well maintained park homes demand a much higher price. With the addition of external wall insulation you can add great value to your home and it will be much more attractive to potential buyers.

Improve the energy rating of your home.

Most uninsulated park homes have very poor EPC (Energy Performance Certificate) ratings, which can have a knock on effect when coming to sell. By installing external wall insulation, the EPC rating of your park home will be greatly improved.

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