Internal wall insulation cuts energy costs significantly.

Installed to the interior side of your walls, the insulation prevents heat from escaping through your walls, especially if your home is not suitable for cavity wall insulation.

Solid-walled homes, often built pre-1920s, without cavities can install either internal or exterior wall insulation.

Internal wall insulation creates a thermal barrier between the inside and outside of your home, thereby reducing heat loss.

The Energy Saving Trust (EST) estimates that you can save up to £930* per year by installing internal wall insulation.

*The Energy Saving Trust estimate for gas-heated detached homes, October 2022.

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The Benefits of Internal Wall Insulation

Save money on your energy bills

Make your home warmer and cosier

Improve the energy performance of your home (EPC)

Improve your home’s external wall acoustics

Facts about Internal Wall Insulation

Keep your rooms warmer in the winter months
Internal wall insulation ensures the indoor spaces of your home stay comfortable throughout the year.

Pay less on your energy bills
When your home is warm and cosy you won’t need to rely on your heating system as much; as a result, your energy bills will go down.

Protect the environment
Using less heating technology means consuming less energy, lowering your overall carbon footprint and contributing towards a healthier planet.

Health benefits
A warmer, more comfortable home is good for your health, especially for vulnerable people who are susceptible to illnesses like cold and flu.

Create peace and quiet
By blocking out unwanted outside noises; this can be a big contributor in helping you sleep!

Select styles to suit your liking
You can present your home proudly and protect it at the same time.

Is my home suitable for Internal or External Insulation?