Many UK Homes are without a gas connection or still operate from electric storage heaters.

Huge energy savings can be made by upgrading your old electrical storage heaters with new technology HHR heaters, which significantly reduce your energy bills.

Check if you are eligible for funding

The Benefits of Replacing Your Electric Wall Heaters

Save money on your energy bills

More efficient and environmentally friendly

Require very little maintenance

Regulate and eliminate condensation and mould

If you have broken or inefficient storage heaters, you should fill out the online form because you may be eligible for a grant to replace them with new units for free. 

You can also get free insulation and solar panels to supplement your new heating system.

More than 70% of the applications we receive qualify for ECO4 replacement storage heaters. New heaters are typically installed at no cost to the homeowner.

Is my home suitable for Electric Storage Heaters?

Do I need to own my home to be eligible?

If you are private tenant and rent your home, providing you have permission from your landlord you will be able to receive grants for the replacement of your electric storage heaters.

Am I eligible for funding?

Please complete our Eligibility Checker or give us a call.

Do I need to already be on Economy 7 to get replacement electric storage heaters?

Every home who replaces their electric storage heaters has to switch to the Economy 7 tariff, meaning you will save money on your energy bills.

What funding is available?

The ECO4 scheme is available for electric storage heaters in certain areas, check your ECO scheme eligibility here.

Still have questions?

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