What is a Home Energy Assessment?

A Home Energy Assessment (also known as a Retrofit Assessment) is conducted by a qualified Retrofit Assessor, who visits your home to inspect your property, review its current energy performance and evaluate any energy measures needed to improve the efficiency of your home.

A Home Energy Plan is then created listing the recommended improvements along with costs.

Your Home Energy Assessment consists of:

A detailed overview of your home’s current energy performance

Recommendations on which energy measures would improve the energy efficiency of your home

Identify any current issues with your property

Occupancy assessment [including eligibility assessment for available grant funding]

Heritage Impact Assessment (where applicable)

An overview of each recommended energy measure

The industry in recent years has tightened its standards when it comes to installing energy measures in domestic properties. PAS 2035 is a quality framework which was introduced to govern the process and ensure quality of service and installation. Our Retrofit Assessors play an important role in the PAS 2035 process as they collect data and provide information to the Retrofit Coordinator who will manage the process from start to finish.

Your Retrofit Assessment explained

How much does a Home Energy Assessment Cost?

We offer two options for Home Energy Assessments:

Online Assessment

In many cases, we are able to undertake an outline home Energy Assessment through online desktop research.

We ask you to complete an online survey in order for us to collect the necessary information, and we will organise a telephone call to discuss your answers and confirm the data provided.

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In-home Assessment

A qualified Retrofit Assessor will visit your home at a time and day convenient for you to conduct an in-person Home Energy Assessment. At-home visits are the preferred option as no assumptions are made, there’s little room for error and our Retrofit Assessors can ensure a thorough and detailed survey.

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What’s involved in a Home Energy Assessment?

Generally, an assessment usually takes approximately 2 hours to complete, however, this does depend on the construction of your home and any existing measures.

The assessment is an in-depth survey which involves us needing access to check existing insulation, taking measurements and examining your home in detail.

Our team of friendly and experienced Retrofit Assessors will happily talk you through the process before getting started and will be on hand to answer any questions you may have. They will also need you to be present as they will need to gauge your current energy usage and energy habits.

What does a Home Energy Assessment look like?

Also known as a Retrofit Assessment:

Shows how your home is currently performing with regards to energy efficiency and fuel bills. It will show the difference you could make if you followed the recommendations on energy measures.

Details any problem areas observed and noted by the Retrofit Assessor

Provides a breakdown of each recommended measure, and the associated cost

Presents options for next steps

How much does a Retrofit Assessment cost?

Online – £99.00

In-home Assessment – £199.00

What happens during a Home Energy Assessment?

A Home Energy Assessment involves a qualified Retrofit Assessor spending 1-3 hours assessing your home and chatting through your energy usage and habits, as well as understanding what you’d like to achieve for your home. 

They’ll then carry out the assessment known as the Reduced Standard Assessment Procedure (RdSAP).

RdSAP looks at how much energy your house uses to reach a specific level of heat. The assessor will also carry out a ventilation report, to see how your current house handles dampness and whether minor modifications will be required as part of your retrofit.

The information they compile will go on to form your Home Energy Plan and details the recommended measures to be installed, associated costs, grants available and the timeframes for putting them in place.

What’s the difference between an online assessment and a home assessment?

Online assessments use existing online data such as your home’s Energy Performance Certificate (EPC). If your home doesn’t have a current, EPC, your neighbouring properties will be used as a basis to determine your home’s energy performance.

A home assessment involves an accredited assessor visiting you at home to thoroughly assess your property in person, and chat with you to find out your plans and priorities for improving your home’s energy efficiency.

Do I need to be at home for the assessment?

If we are visiting you to conduct an in-home energy assessment then yes, the person who knows most about your energy usage will need to be at home for the duration of the appointment. Our customer service team will organise a day and time that is most convenient with you.

Why have a Home Energy Assessment?

There are advertisements everywhere for renewable technologies such as Solar PV and Heat Pumps. However, not all measures suit all properties and each home is individual with individual needs.

Our plan will provide you with a detailed breakdown of the current performance of your home and will guide you on which energy measures are going to make the most impact on improving the energy efficiency of your home and reducing your fuel bills.

It will provide a breakdown of:

  each recommended energy measure

  the savings you should make by installing each measure

  timescales and costs involved in installing each measure

  the new energy rating for your home once any measures have been installed

  the predicted new value of your home post-install

Our Home Energy Plans are here to simplify the process whilst ensuring accurate and thorough guidance, tailored specifically to your home and energy usage.

How accurate is a Retrofit Assessment?

Our Home Energy Plans are compiled by our TrustMark accredited Retrofit Assessors. Our assessors are industry-experienced and expertly trained to deliver these plans to the highest standards. Industry-leading software is used to complete the plans and all plans are reviewed prior to being submitted.

If you’re concerned about the accuracy of your Home Energy Assessment we recommend opting for an in-home energy assessment. This will mean you can be present for the assessment, ask questions and be confident that our Retrofit Assessor is providing the very best service.

What happens after I’ve received my Home Energy Plan?

If you are happy with the recommended measures, we will confirm the quotation and introduce our partner network of qualified Contractors. Our aim is to make each plan as easy to implement as possible so we project manage the journey from Home Energy Assessment through to Install. Our team of energy experts are always on hand to answer questions, liaise with the contractors and ensure you’re happy with the service you’re receiving.

What happens if I’ve already chosen the Contractor(s) to carry out the work?

That won’t be a problem providing they have the necessary accreditations and warranties. We can guide you on this to ensure you’re in safe hands.

How do you ensure your Contractors are reliable?

With over ten years working in the energy efficiency space we only partner with accredited, qualified and reliable Contractors. Our Retrofit Coordinator will quality inspect and manage any work carried out, and will be responsible for ensuring PAS 2035 compliance, providing you with the assurance you need.

What grant funding might I be eligible for?

There are numerous grants and schemes available to households throughout the UK. We can talk you through the grants available and advise on the best funding schemes suitable for your home.

Assess your household eligibility for the Great British Insulation Scheme, ECO 4 Grants or ECO Flex Scheme

Can I have a Home Energy Assessment on my old home?

With the UK having the most diverse properties in the world, our team have seen every type and age of your home. Old homes need energy improvements the most, so we highly recommend booking a Retrofit Assessment so we can guide and advise on what’s practical and suitable.

If you live in a listed property, this will be taken into account during your Retrofit Assessment.

Why choose Residential Energy Services for the work?

With over ten years energy advice experience, our knowledgeable team of advisors, assessors, coordinators and customer service managers are time-served, energy efficiency experts. We pride ourselves on our commitment to quality and always working in the homeowner’s best interests.

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