This week, Residential Energy Services’ managing director Sarah Parry sat down with Stuart George on BBC Radio Stoke to talk about the upcoming Warmer Homes Project, a new mobile energy service. 


The Warmer Homes Project is a new mobile community energy advice programme to support the most hard-to-reach and vulnerable homes with energy efficiency advice. It launches on Friday 22nd September at the Climate Expo & Sustainability Conference at Keele Hall. The project follows a successful bid for £373,329 of funding towards a mobile energy advice service for hard-to-reach households, funded by The Midlands Net Zero Hub, together with the Department for Energy Security and Net Zero.


Our team of energy experts are going to be throughout the whole of Stoke, engaging with communities at community centres, health centres, food banks, anywhere that we feel the most vulnerable, hard to reach and those in fuel poverty are going to be.


I think for anybody that lives in fuel poverty and is struggling to pay their energy bills, we need to find long-term solutions as to how they can actually save their energy and improve the energy rating of their homes.


This will absolutely be about how to save money on energy bills, but it’s about giving the people of Stoke a long-term plan and showing them, how does external wall insulation work? What does it look like? What’s it going to mean to my home, my family, my fuel bills?

“It’s all very well putting solar panels on your roof, but if your heat is escaping through your walls every day, or every time you put your heating on, then that is going to affect your bills dramatically.”

Sarah Parry

For us, it’s about individual advice for that homeowner and their home, to make sure that we’re actually giving the right guidance as to how that home can most benefit from these energy saving measures.” 


Another part of our service is demystifying the whole funding and grant element that’s happening at the moment, because there are so many pots of money around (I could name probably nine or ten different pots of money that people could tap into,) but it all depends on things like income levels. A lot of it is means-tested. You might have to be on certain income Levels or you might have to be on certain benefits to be able to receive funding, so our team of energy experts is sitting down with these people and giving individual, independent advice.

Look out for Residential Energy Services in your area in the coming weeks and months. In the meantime, if you have any questions about the cost of your fuel bills or the efficiency of your home, contact us today.