Transforming an Elderly Couple’s Lives with Sustainable Energy

An elderly Staffordshire Moorlands couple were recently struggling to heat their home, with a log burner that would require early starts, shovelling fuel, followed by a two-hour wait for hot water every morning. Earlier this year, Dennis met Heather from Residential Energy Services (RES) and today, Dennis and Sandra’s lives have been transformed.

Our exclusive interview explains how Dennis was able to significantly transform his home with the help of the RES team. Dennis shares his moving energy efficiency journey and how an air source heat pump, solar panels, and loft insulation has not only enhanced his family’s enjoyment of the home, but also created major savings and energy-efficiency improvements.

Why an Air Source Heat Pump?

Dennis explains how living in the Staffordshire Moorlands has its own challenges:

“Wind, rain, snow, we get everything up here. And there’s always been a bit of a thing about how we’re going to keep warm.”

Air source heat pumps are an excellent choice for improving home energy efficiency. These systems draw heat from the outside air—even when it’s cold outside—and convert it into warm air for your home.

Why Solar Panels?

Solar panels are one of the most effective ways to reduce utility bills and carbon footprint. By utilising the power of the sun, these panels generate electricity that can significantly cut down on household energy costs.

“Beginning in May, installation started. A week and a half, and it was finished and done with. Everything went as smoothly as it possibly could.”

Why Loft Insulation Top-Up?

Updating loft insulation to modern standards is crucial in preventing heat loss, ensuring that a home stays warm and energy-efficient throughout the year. Effective loft insulation keeps the house warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer, offering year-round comfort and cost savings.

“This home was a low E when we came out to do a retrofit assessment on it. I’m so pleased and proud to say that they’re now a low A, so we have taken their SAP bands up significantly.”
Sarah, Director, RES

The Warmer Homes Project

“I first met Dennis at an energy day at the local town hall. We quickly established that this property is off gas and in need of energy efficiency improvements.”
Heather, RES Energy Advisor

The Warmer Homes Project, led by RES, aims to improve energy efficiency in hard-to-reach and hard-to-treat properties across Staffordshire. The project is proudly delivered in partnership with Midlands Net Zero Hub and the Department for Energy Security and Net Zero, ensuring that more residents can benefit from essential energy efficiency upgrades, like the ones in Dennis’ cosy new home.

“Life can be tough these days, but we saved quite a lot of money, and it’s substantial. RES have been very good to us. Pleasant people, they’re lovely. They really are.”

Watch the full interview to see how these energy efficiency measures change lives. Don’t forget to meet the RES team at one of our upcoming Warmer Homes Project appearances and learn more about making your home cosier, healthier, more affordable and more energy-efficient.

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