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A range of government initiatives have been specifically designed to help low-income and vulnerable families enhance their energy efficiency and reduce their energy spend. Whether it’s upgrading your insulation, installing solar panels, or moving to low-carbon heating solutions, these programs offer substantial support to struggling families.

Residential Energy Services simplifies the process, guiding you through each option to determine which initiatives you qualify for and how you can benefit. Let’s explore how these offerings could be your pathway to lower energy bills and a more sustainable household.

ECO4 Scheme

The ECO4 Scheme provides support for low-income and vulnerable households to improve their energy efficiency, mainly through installations funded by energy providers. It includes loft and wall insulation, heat pumps, solar panels, electric storage heaters, double glazing, and boiler upgrades.

  • Fully funded installations for eligible households
  • Significant energy savings through efficient heating and insulation
  • Helps reduce the carbon footprint of households

ECO Flex

Eco Flex extends the benefits of the ECO4 scheme to low-income families not meeting standard eligibility, focusing on alleviating fuel poverty. It mirrors the ECO4 in terms of offered upgrades but broadens eligibility to more families.

  • Targets families in fuel poverty not covered by standard ECO4 benefits
  • Allows local authorities to identify and address specific needs
  • Provides a range of energy efficiency upgrades to reduce fuel bills

The Great British Insulation Scheme (GBIS)

GBIS focuses on increasing home efficiency with loft and cavity wall insulation, aiming to support energy bill reduction. This scheme offers an easy solution to make homes warm in winter and cool in summer while targeting a broad eligibility group.

  • Easy and effective way to improve home heating efficiency
  • Available to a wide range of households, including low-income
  • Supports both general and targeted financial support for installations

Home Upgrade Grants (HUGs)

The Home Upgrade Grant aims to increase energy efficiency for low-income households outside the main gas grid, offering improvements like insulation and low-carbon heating. It caters to homeowners with EPC ratings from D to G.

  • Focuses on households not connected to the main gas grid
  • Offers a variety of energy efficiency improvements and clean heating systems
  • Provides support to low-income households, improving living conditions and reducing energy bills

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