The Retrofit and PAS 2035 compliant journey can often become over complicated for all parties and confusing for the householder.

At RES, not only do we offer ethical and experienced energy advice, we manage the journey for both the customer and contractor, from initial interest through to installation and aftercare.

By partnering with Residential Energy Services, you can be assured the journey will be meticulously and thoroughly managed, ensuring the householder’s best interests are at the forefront of the process.

If you choose our full project management package, our team of energy specialists will manage your retrofit job from start to finish.

A Summary of The Services:

We co-create an energy plan and analytically evaluate the results

We provide a Retrofit Assessment and confirm the likely annual bill savings

We will source the best funding available

We will hand-select certified installers to deliver your work, ensuring the best price possible

We will appoint an independent retrofit coordinator (RC) who will manage your project on your [and our] behalf

We will collectively make sure that the plans and products are right, communicating with you throughout

Accredited installers will work on your job but the Retrofit Coordinator will schedule the installers and decide the order in which they will work

We will manage the customer journey from start to finish, providing exceptional customer service via our customer success team

During the installation, the Retrofit Coordinator will go to the site to make sure everything is going as planned, answer any queries you have and, on the rare occasions it is necessary, fix any problems.

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